Protecting the Welfare of Animals

Animal law includes any type of legal action that affects the rights and welfare of an animal.  At TKR Legal, we work towards making the community a better place for animals.  

As such, we provide a variety of services to help animals, and their humans, with a primary focus on pet trust establishment and caring for pets through proper estate planning.  You can review the "Pet Trusts" section for more information on pet trusts. 

Additionally, TKR Legal can prepare corporate transaction documents for those wishing to establish nonprofits that specialize in the defense of animals, assist existing non-profits with legal paperwork such as with adoption contracts, or even assist with legislation focused on ending animal cruelty, such as in factory farms.  

TKR Legal regularly advocates for shelter and rescue animals by encouraging people to adopt and to not support the breeding industry.  Millions of animals are euthanized each year - 9000 or more per day - because animals in shelters are not adopted.  Unfortunately, breeders are the single greatest causes of overpopulation. 

Animal Law Highlights

  • Pet Trusts
  • Establishing 501(c)(3) Non-Profits for Animal Welfare Groups
  • Equine Leases
  • Equine Boarding Agreements
  • Contracts for dog, cat, horse, or other Animal Adoption
  • Legislation to End Animal Cruelty